About Us

ALU-FORMA is a family business founded on April 10, 1987. First, the company was conceived as a lock workshop with only three employees. In 2002, ALU-FORMA was founded in 2001. / AB /. The business slowly began to expand and a new production facility was built in 2006 with a size of 1,200 m 2.

At the same time as the expansion of the business, the number of employees increased, ALU-FORMA then had 20 employees. In 2015, another production plant with a size of 1,800 m 2 was built with state-of-the-art technology for the production of aluminum facades and steel structures. Today, ALUFORMA has 50 employees.

ALU-FORMA’s production facility is located in the new industrial area of ​​Krapina, 40 km from the capital Zagreb. It is equipped with state-of-the-art machines housed in a production hall with a size of 3,000 m 2. High-tech CNC machines enable a production that is fully automated, while professional technicians constantly control it all. Suppliers of ALU-FORMA are the world’s leading manufacturer of necessary building materials and they are an extra guarantee for a high quality end product.

ALU-FORMA takes good care of its employees every day because they are the key to success. Investment in human capital has long been one of the key priorities for the company’s business. That is precisely why ALU-FORMA is classified as a company with socially responsible activities in both the Croatian and European markets. Using the latest technological methods, ALU-FORMA is ranked among the leading Croatian companies in this industry, as many projects show – from private houses to schools, hospitals, stadiums and hotels.

Through a long tradition enriched with knowledge, experience and the employees’ expertise, and constant investment in new technology, ALU-FORMA offers a comfortable and safe room and makes one’s everyday life easier and more beautiful. ALU-FORMA’s task is to carry out projects from planning to completion, and to meet high demands from domestic and foreign investors regarding aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency. The company ALU-FORMA gives you and your loved ones beauty and quality of life.

Quality and environmental protection:
– Quality management system ISO 9001: 2015
– Environmental protection ISO 14001: 2015
– production control EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011
– welding plant ISO 3834-3: 2007


With innovation, new technology, high-quality materials and our employees’ high competence, we deliver to each customer a high-quality and unique product enriched with safety, energy saving and functionality which leads to better quality of life.


By taking care of every customer, employee and the surrounding society, we further increase the value within our primary business, and with each new effort we increase the quality of our business for everyone’s enjoyment, for those we work directly or indirectly with.


To become a leading company in the European market by creating new world trends in production and the technical development of our products for our customers, employees and the surrounding society. The most important part of our vision is sustainable development and coexistence with nature: to create and develop energy-saving products, which contributes to lower emissions of harmful gases in the environment.